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Do You Know This Book?


The Quran: Unique among Scriptures

The Quran is the most-read book in the world. Revealed by Allaah Almighty to Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, (may Allaah exalt his mention) in the 7th century CE, and revered by Muslims as being Allaah’s Final Scripture and Testament, its words have been lovingly recited, memorized and implemented by Muslims of every nationality ever since. The faithful are inspired, consoled and often moved to tears by its eloquence and poetic imagery, especially when recited aloud. And yet, the Quran is unique in being the only Scripture that is free of scientific inaccuracies, whose historical authenticity can be verified, and whose text has been so carefully preserved that just one authorized version (in Arabic) exists.

The Quran is also the only holy book that can be memorized in its entirety by people of all ages and intellectual abilities – including non-Arabic speakers – which Muslims consider to be one of its miracles. We invite you to take a few minutes to learn something about a book that is the foundation of the worldview and culture of almost a quarter of the people on this planet. Continue reading

Eternal Miracles of All Time


EVERY prophet had their respective advantages. Miracle was the one that Allah has given them. The miracle as a sign of their prophetic and as reinforcing it so that people at the time of their prophetic believe that he really was a prophet. Besides, miracles can also be a hallmark of every Prophet. Because of the Prophet that one and the other, who received the different miracle.

Prophet Nooh got the miracle ark that saved from the flood that destroyed everything.

Prophet Ibrahim was immune to the raging fire burned. His son, Ismail replaced by an angel with a sheep to be slaughtered.

Prophet Musa was given a great stick for splitting the oceans, which in the face of Pharaoh’s magicians instantly transformed into a big snake.

Prophet Isa blessed with the ability to speak when newly born into the world, revived the dead and cured the disease.

We refer to it all as a miracle. But, where do all the miracles go? We still believe and believe in the truth. However, we are no longer able to see, let alone touch it. We can only read a story or hear the story and chaplain speak about it.

And what about our Prophet, Muhammad?

During his life, he also suffered extraordinary events. The water that flows in between his fingers. Moon split in two. Rocks were split off light that informs the fall of the Roman and Persian in the hands of the Muslims. Continue reading

The Archers in the Age of the Prophet (Rasulullah)


ARCHERY is one of the three sports that recommended by the Prophet Muhammad namely horse riding, swimming and archery.

In the hadith described virtue of archery, “Those who shoot an arrow to the enemy either hit or not hit, the reward is equivalent to freeing a slave.” (HR. 2286 Ibn Majah, classed as saheeh al-Albani in Saheeh Ibn Majah)

At the time of the Prophet, there were many companions who were experts in archery. Because of this expertise, they had the opportunity to participate fight to the battlefield.

1. Rafi bin Khadij RA

He was only 15 years old at the time. Muslims currently gearing up all the equipment and strength to face the battle of Uhud. One of the most historically war in the struggle of Muslims. Not only the men who are enthusiastic, young teenagers also participate. They rushed to take a role in the Islamic struggle. One of them is Rafi bin Khadij. Continue reading

Letter from the Palestinian Muslimah


ASSALAMUALAIKUM warahmatullah ….

My sister, Aninda …

If only you know, we here in Palestine is like the daughter who has been always ogled by men masher named Jewish. Every time we showered with bullets, bombs, mortar, and shot blindly. The goal is not only fighters, but children and women and the elderly. We are proud because our country where the martyrs.

Sister in faith,

Sometimes I crave a peaceful country like Indonesia, for we could raise our children someday be useful to the nation, religion and the survival of our offspring … but the promise was willing more … Continue reading

Kisah Sahabat Nabi: Bilal bin Rabah, Sang Muadzin Rasulullah

Menyebut nama Bilal bin Rabah, kita pasti terbayang kisah keteguhan hati seorang Muslim sejati. Betapa tidak. Saat umat Islam masih berjumlah sekian orang serta kekejaman yang diterima kaum Muslim, seorang budak berkulit kelam bertekad bulat dan mengikrarkan diri beriman kepada Allah SWT.

Nama lengkapnya Bilal bin Rabah Al-Habasyi. Ia berasal dari negeri Habasyah, sekarang Ethiopia. Ia biasa dipanggil Abu Abdillah dan digelari Muadzdzin Ar-Rasul. Bilal lahir di daerah as-Sarah sekitar 43 tahun sebelum hijrah. Ia berpostur tinggi, kurus, warna kulitnya cokelat, pelipisnya tipis, dan rambutnya lebat. Continue reading


(Dikutip dari buku berjudul The World Idol Muhammad Rasulullah oleh Samsul Munir Amin dan Haryanto Al-Fandi)

Setelah saya berumur 19 tahun ini saya baru mengetahui tentang kesempurnaan fisik yang dimiliki Rasulullah. Saya sangat terkagum dan semakin ingin bertemu Rasulullah kelak. Saya ingin membagikan apa yang pernah saya baca dan apa yang saya tahu agar semakin banyak sumber informasi tentang Rasulullah, semakin mencintai Allah dan Rasul, dan agar lebih memperkuat iman kita. Aamiin Ya Rabb.


Muhammad adalah manusia biasa, beliau bukan malaikat ataupun makhluk ghaib lainnya. Sebagaimana manusia biasa beliau juga membutuhkan makanan dan minuman, memerlukan tidur untuk beristirahat dan melepaskan lelahnya. Continue reading

Berbagai Keajaiban yang Mengiringi Lahirnya Nabi Muhammad SAW

(Dikutip dari buku berjudul The World Idol Muhammad Rasulullah oleh Samsul Munir Amin dan Haryanto Al-Fandi) 


Dalam masa kelahiran beliau banyak terjadi peristiwa yang sangat ajaib dan luar biasa yang merupakan tanda dan bukti nyata bahwa beliau adalah manusia agung pilihan Tuhan yang akan mengemban titah dari-Nya untuk menyebarkan agama-Nya di muka bumi, memberikan kabar gembira dan peringatan, memperbaiki adat dan kebiasaan yang pada saat itu mengalami kerusakan moral yang sangat parah, serta untuk menjadi model kehidupan dan uswatun khasanah (teladan yang baik) bagi segenap umat manusia. Continue reading