Al-Quran, as a Guide of Science


AL-QUR’AN reveals as a way of life and that is no doubt in it. The Qur’an also contains a lot of scientific information that can be used to guide the advance of science.

However, when the verses of the Qur’an that contain scientific message conveyed to scientists who do not believe in the existence of God who created the universe, what will happen is a battle and bet. Fighting between scientific fact that they express the meaning and content of the verses of the Qur’an, as well as betting on capacity and their scholarly reputations. Both will obtains positive thing if they are a sort of people who have a heart and an open mind. However, if they have a heart and a closed mind, all the research will not lead them to the real truth.

In front of all the truths of the Qur’an, that has been revealed by modern science, the scientists divided into two groups: the first group, scientists who believe and live faithful. Such as prof. Tagada Sahlul from Chiang Mai University.

He converted to Islam after he was researching for many years on a layer of human skin which has a role in pain when pinched, or hot air. Eventhough Qur’an has been explained before the research was conducted. In the paragraph that discusses skin the inhabitants of hell are always replaced with new ones every time the skin was burned. This verse is found in Surah an-Nisa verse 56.

Even more suprising, the verse is very clear that the word “li yadzuuqul adzaab” (that they may taste the punishment). Therefore, if the outer layer of skin was burned, he could no longer feel anything though burned.

One of the other scientists were quite phenomenal and well known among western academics are, Dr. Maurice Bucaille. He is known for his book to the west is considered controversial among scientists, La Bible Le Coran Et La Science (Bible, Qur’an and Modern Science).

In the book he reveals many unusual things studied by western scientists. He also studied alquran and was surprised, because finding many phenomena of nature are explained in the Qur’an that can only be understood by modern science.

At the end of a discussion about space, he wrote, “If we confront the text of the Koran with modern science, we will be fascinated with the precision that is not possible we suspect will be brought by the mind of a man (Muhammad SAW) who lived 14 centuries ago. ”

For more than forty years, Dr. Maurice Bucaille spent to study science and researching scripture divine religions. Through his book, he proved word for word from the verses Quran there is nothing contrary to modern science. It proves the authenticity and originality are still preserved. Unlike the other books that contain a lot of things that are contrary to modern science.

The second group is the scientists who actually they have found many things according to what is implied by the verses of the Quran, but they chose to remain unbelievers and did not want the faithful

In fact, some of them are very extreme with the cover-up of the findings and distort scientific facts that are irrelevant to the real phenomenon.

This group consists of people whose hearts have been closed, no longer able to see the truth, and locked die in disbelief. In some verses of the Qur’an, Allah mentions this group is more despicable than most despicable animal on earth, because it has a heart harder than stone. [] (Accessed on 3 December 2015)

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