Letter from the Palestinian Muslimah


ASSALAMUALAIKUM warahmatullah ….

My sister, Aninda …

If only you know, we here in Palestine is like the daughter who has been always ogled by men masher named Jewish. Every time we showered with bullets, bombs, mortar, and shot blindly. The goal is not only fighters, but children and women and the elderly. We are proud because our country where the martyrs.

Sister in faith,

Sometimes I crave a peaceful country like Indonesia, for we could raise our children someday be useful to the nation, religion and the survival of our offspring … but the promise was willing more …

We believe with all our faith and soul, that we were the people who were promised by Allah through the prophet Musa alaihisalam as the legitimate owners of this land. Because we still believe in Allah and obey all commands and avoid prohibitions.

We already know that the Jews are our family is also from the same lineage, but they have a common ancestor worship Tsamiri the golden calf, and we still worship Allah the Almighty Lord of All Prophets and Messengers noble ..

Sister in faith,

We also believe that as hard as any Jewish soldiers wanted to expel us. Army of Allah will always help us. Such as the recent incident, Jewish soldiers fled and was killed by 20 horsemen dressed in white robes who use swords. My eyes see for themselves which time we have no power against Jewish soldiers. that is where Allah help us.

I shared this story you hope you do not worry, sad hearts, we are still protected by Allah. And still loved Allah, life and death we are just for Allah.

Sister in faith,

Salute greetings to all Muslims in Indonesia. Thank you for all the prayers and assistance. Allah will repay everything.

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah

Jameela Qoudriya al assaff. []

https://www.islampos.com/letter-from-the-palestinian-muslimah-232197/ (Accessed on 3 December 2015)

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