Eternal Miracles of All Time


EVERY prophet had their respective advantages. Miracle was the one that Allah has given them. The miracle as a sign of their prophetic and as reinforcing it so that people at the time of their prophetic believe that he really was a prophet. Besides, miracles can also be a hallmark of every Prophet. Because of the Prophet that one and the other, who received the different miracle.

Prophet Nooh got the miracle ark that saved from the flood that destroyed everything.

Prophet Ibrahim was immune to the raging fire burned. His son, Ismail replaced by an angel with a sheep to be slaughtered.

Prophet Musa was given a great stick for splitting the oceans, which in the face of Pharaoh’s magicians instantly transformed into a big snake.

Prophet Isa blessed with the ability to speak when newly born into the world, revived the dead and cured the disease.

We refer to it all as a miracle. But, where do all the miracles go? We still believe and believe in the truth. However, we are no longer able to see, let alone touch it. We can only read a story or hear the story and chaplain speak about it.

And what about our Prophet, Muhammad?

During his life, he also suffered extraordinary events. The water that flows in between his fingers. Moon split in two. Rocks were split off light that informs the fall of the Roman and Persian in the hands of the Muslims.

However, now the Prophet had long left us. All extraordinary miracle that he experienced then only can we read or listen to, without us having a chance to see directly with our eyes. Unless a miracle. Is that?

Yes, there is a miracle of the Prophet Muhammad that to this day we can touch, we can still see, we can still hug, and we can still feel virulence in our lives. In fact, if there are infidels who oppose us, “Where is the miracle of the Prophet of you?” We can show, even the miracle presented to them.

You are right. The miracle is the Al-Qur’an. Miracles that will never disappear, because Allah Almighty has given his great assurance to keep the eternal miracle of the Prophet of this.

“Surely we who have lowered adh-Dzikra (Al-Qur’an), and indeed We also will always keep it,” (QS. Al-Hijr: 9). [Source: Miracles of the Quran Forgotten / Work: Muh. Olive Rasmin / Publisher: Wahdah Publishing] (Accessed on 3 December 2015)

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